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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yesterday I blogged about our new entertainment center and how I can't wait to start decorating it. I love shopping to get ideas on decorating and looking through catalogs, but I also love to use Houzz and of course, Pinterest.

In case you're not familiar - Pinterest is a free website and app where registered users upload, sort and manage images through collections, known as "Pinboards". I have boards for almost anything and everything - fashion, food, workouts, teaching ideas, etc.
Houzz is an online community, similar to Pinterest, but it's strictly dedicated to architecture, interior design, decorating, etc. Members are also able to upload images for other to browse and add images to  "Ideaboards". Houzz is neat, because you can type in your style type (i.e. traditional. transitional, modern, contemporary, etc.) to really pinpoint what you're looking for. I identify most with transitional, which is a combination of traditional and contemporary designs.
You can tell from my Houzz Ideabook, Living Room and from my Pinterest board Home Sweet Home, I was looking for a white entertainment center. Instead we went with a darker wood to add some color and contrast. I had a bazillion ideas on how to decorate on white wood, but had a hard time coming up with ideas on darker wood. A lot of the posts on Houzz and Pinterest were on decorating white, which is pretty easy - pops of color! I found this image below on Houzz and it gave me some inspiration. I not only want it to be visually appealing, but I want significant pieces. It's nice when each piece means something and has significance to me or my husband.

This is some inspiration I found on Houzz posted by Nancy Scheinholtz with Scheinhotz Associates in Burlingame, CA.  I like the pops of white, the picture frames, vases, etc.
My husband LOVES simplicity. He'd be happy with one thing on each shelf - wouldn't that be easy :) Once the entertainment center is ALL decorated, I'll post a pic. Be patient with me, this could take a month or so.

Thanks for reading - tomorrow I'll be sharing my newest obsession in a "Things I Love" post.

Have a good evening!

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