Product Review: AdvoCare Spark®

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Four years ago I became a teacher and started drinking coffee every morning. Us teachers have pretttty early mornings so any and all jumpstarts are greatly appreciated. I started getting headaches EVERYDAY whether I had coffee or not and eventually had to stop drinking it on the reg.

I found Spark® when I did my first AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge (review to come) and have used it everyday since – headache free! It’s easy to make. Just add a scoop to eight ounces of water and shake shake shake. I get excited to drink it every morning because it’s so good. I’m addicted to the Fruit Punch flavor, but it's also available in nine other flavors. Spark is a vitamin and amino acid supplement that was developed as a sugar free nutritional source of energy. It has more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients and never gives me that jittery feeling.

The only downfall of Spark is the price tag - $51.95/ canister. Each canister has 42 servings.

To help with the price I became a “Distributor” and get a 25% discount on every order, but that carries a $75 annual fee. I also use products from their Trim and Performance Elite Lines and will do review on those products as well.

Now I'm going to have another Spark and finish packing. B and I and going to Denver tonight (!!!!!) to spend Labor Day weekend with family!

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