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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yesterday I did a post on how proud I am of my alma mater and today I'm doing one on the school district I work for. This is some exciting news for Guilford County in North Carolina. We were selected as a "Say Yes" community!!! But what does that mean?

Say Yes is a national nonprofit that helps communities build local endowments to fund "last dollar" tuition scholarships for public school graduates.

According to, "Prior to selection, Say Yes had chosen Guilford County as a finalist for several reasons, including leadership within the school system and its high percentage of public school students from low-income backgrounds."

Here's the crazy part, Say Yes is committing $15 million to coordinate support services to help students graduate high school and prepare them for college. Some of those service include, tutoring, after school programs and even medical care!! How cool is that?

Say Yes will provide graduates with the opportunity for college scholarships by as early as Spring 2016! I'm so proud to be apart of this community and can't wait to see this all start to take place.

For more info on Say Yes, visit their website here!

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