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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Of all of the places in the world . . where are you anchored?

I couldn't wait to share my newest obsession with you! B got me this Lat & Lo coordinates necklace for for our two year wedding anniversary. (Yes, he is amazing. Yes, I told him EXACTLY what I wanted.  Yes, sometimes men need guidance.)

Lat & Lo is a handcrafted jewelry line that customizes each piece with the inscribed latitude and longitude special to each customer. Mine has the lat and lo of where we got married. 

I heard about Lat & Lo on the DASH Boutique Instagram account and instantly fell in love. They now do other styles of necklaces plus bracelets, rings and even cufflinks.The gold bar necklace look is really in right now. This one is on the shorter side (about 16.5"), which I like so I can layer it with other pieces. 
We got married on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and had a nautical theme for our wedding. This was on our invitations and was the inspiration for my necklace. These coordinates are on the front and on the back it says "S and B 07.06.2013".

With all this wedding talk this week I have a Funny Friday post tomorrow on something I try (not) to do everyday in my marriage :)

Have a great day!

Here's another reason I love Lat & Lo - check out Kellie's Instagram post:

This was almost the end of Lat & Lo. Almost 3 years ago, I got my first "large" order from a store. I literally almost cried when they sent it in- I was so happy! I used almost all of the little bit of money I had made so far on the line and bought supplies to make the order. Back then I hand stamped each individual number on each piece. So, the slightest movement could cause an imprint that could ruin the whole piece. So, very carefully, over the course of a few days I meticulously stamped away. Then, something horrible happened. On the very last piece, I realized that I had read the coordinates wrong. I had just made all of them wrong. All 65 pieces. I cried. I screamed. I cried. I literally thought that there was no way I could do this. We had worked so hard to get this sale . I had worked so hard stamping them. And I wouldn't make anything on the sale if I remade the whole order. I was devastated. I was struggling so hard trying to start this new concept of jewelry that this was honestly the straw that nearly broke the camel's back as they say. I never told the store I made everything wrong though I desperately wanted to. But it wasn't their problem. It was mine. A few hours of crocodile tears later, I just remade it. Staying up, losing sleep to make up for the lost time so the store wouldn't be mad at it taking too long to arrive. My biggest sale thus far had been reduced to only a few dollars earned in the end. At a time when I needed the money SO bad. I literally almost gave up on it all. To this day, that store is one of our biggest buyers of Lat & Lo. I can't imagine where I'd be if I'd given up on it all that day. I had no idea what was ahead. The same can be said for life. just never know what happens when you manage to hang on. With Love,

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