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Thursday, September 24, 2015

This really should be a "People I Love" post. Sarah Bowmar is this awesome fitness blogger I started following on Instagram about a year ago. Since then I've watched her begin building her fitness empire like a boss. As I mentioned yesterday, she's been my fitness and food inspiration/ influencer. I definitely learned that "strong is the new skinny" from her and have changed my mindset about food and working out completely, because of her.

As a former Division I lacrosse player, I've always had people telling me how to workout. During the school year we had strength and conditioning coaches and in the summer we had custom workout plans to follow. When I graduated I found that I was a lost puppy in the gym. I don't like going and just walking around and the classes at my gym didn't wow me anymore. I need a purpose for each trip to the gym and Sarah gave me that.

Fitness goals!
Back in the spring I bought Sarah's glute program and really liked it. Until then I had only been working out my legs as a whole and never concentrated on just my glutes. I loved the program so much  I decided to try her six month online training program. With that I got a meal plan, lifting plan, HIIT cardio program and unlimited access to Sarah for any questions and/or support. Sarah likes for all of her clients to send check-in pics every two weeks. I only checked in a couple of times, but I take pics every two weeks. If you're trying to lose weight and/or gain muscle, I recommend doing this. Seeing the pics really helped me see how all of my hard work was paying off. Plus it's fun to put it next to your "before" pic.

Here's a walk through the three programs I got with my six month online training package from Sarah.

Meal Plan
Sarah tailored a meal plan for me to help lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. I eat six meals (3 meals + 3 snacks) a day, every 2-2.5 hours. My meal plan is based off of carb cycling where I have three "high" carb days a week followed by four "medium" carb days. I use the words "high" and "medium" loosely, because I'm not downing lots of breads and going to town on cereal like I really want to on "high" days. To learn more about carb cycling, check out Sarah's blog post, Carb Cycling 101.

Lifting Plan
I absolutely love lifting. Actually I might be slightly addicted, but in a good way. Sarah gave me a month of workouts with exercises, reps and sets for each day. When I'm finished with one month, I cycle back to the beginning. Not every week is exactly like this, but here's an example of a week of workouts:
  • Monday - Biceps & Back
  • Tuesday - Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
  • Wednesday - Legs
  • Thursday - Chest & Abs
  • Friday - Biceps, Triceps & Forearms
  • Saturday - Legs & Abs
  • Sunday - Rest Day
On one of my leg days each week, I like to replace it with a glute workout. Lifting each day takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes max. I have all of my workouts printed out on a chart with the exercise, reps and number of sets I carry around on a little clipboard. This helps me keep track of how much weight I'm doing and allows me to move pretty quick through the gym. I don't have to guess how much weight I did last time or try to remember which exercise comes next.

A couple of months ago Sarah started a weekly newsletter with even more workouts. I add those in my workouts too. For example, if she sends out a new shoulder workout, I'll use it for my shoulder workout that week. I write them all down and keep them in my workout binder so I can go repeat when I want something different. This also helps with monotony and helps me to not get bored with my workouts. 

HIIT Cardio Program
I have to be honest and tell you how much I hate cardio. If you hate it as much as me, welcome to the club! With that being said, I know I need to do it, so I put on some good tunes and get it over with. I have a workout playlist on my iPod with some Beyonce (of course!), David Guetta, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Calvin Harris. My husband listens to heavy metal when he works out - whatever gets you going!

Sarah has me doing five days a week of HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for "High Intensity Interval Training." These workouts use intervals of high intensity exercise, like sprinting, and low intensity exercise, like walking. I usually do 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walk for about 20-30 mins. Once again, to help with monotony and boredom, she has me on different machines every day. I use the stair master (woah - feel the burn), treadmill, elliptical and have a circuit training workout where I do exercises like mountain climbers and burpees - everyone's favorite!

If you have time, check out this great article by on HIIT cardio workouts.  It does a great job of explaining what HIIT workouts are, talks about the benefits and even gives you a HIIT program for beginners to advanced.

One of the things I like most about Sarah is that she won't baby you and she gives it to you straight. I do well with her because she's no nonsense - kind of a bad ass!

Places to find Sarah Bowmar:
Instagram: sarah_bowmar
Blog: Bowmar Fitness
Newsletter: Sign up here for her weekly workouts and recipes.
Plus she does Snapchat and Twitter!

Sorry for the long post - apparently I had a lot to say. Happy Thursday! TGIF tomorrow :)

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