Weekend Recap: Colorado + Labor Day = Perfection

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wow what an amazing Labor Day Weekend! This is our second year flying out to Colorado to spend time with Byron’s sister (Sarah), brother-in-law (Derek) and three nephews. We’re hoping to continue this trip annually for as long as they’ll have us!

Colorado is such a picturesque state. Everywhere we drove there was a backdrop of mountains. I was constantly in awe at how beautiful the scenery was. (Please keep in mind none of these pictures do it justice.)

Friday we headed over to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a brutal workout. Sarah and I did the steps taking turns with 2.5 y/o Emery on our backs. Going down wasn’t so hard, but coming back up – I just had to breath through each step. Byron, Derek and the boys ran the rows and did lots of pushups. We were all pretty sore the next day!

Saturday we drove up to St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs for a hike - my favorite thing to do in Colorado. The trail is a (rocky) mile and a half round trip. Perfect for a beginner like me. At the top we stopped for a picnic and of course some photo ops.

I only bit it once - I blame my shoes. They didn't have good grips on the bottom. :) Somehow I slipped on a rock, fell on my knee and landed in a bush. Luckily I only had a few bumps and bruises.

I’m ready to start training for my first 14er!

Saturday night we had a date night and went to downtown Denver. Its crazy, but they have so many rooftop venues. I can’t believe anyone wants to be out there in the winter, but I’m pretty much a baby when it’s 50 degrees or below so I'm not a good gauge on that.

I'm a sucker for drinking outside and listening to live bands so ViewHouse was perfect! In the background is the Colorado Rockies Stadium. 

The rest of the trip was spent eating lots of good food, building fires in the pit, and lots of football with Uncle B. We only get to see Sarah, Derek and the boys three times a year so every little bit of time we can get we’ll take! Now the countdown begins until December when they fly out to NC!

Stay tuned for tomorrow - I'll be doing my first "Things I Love" post.

Thanks for reading!

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