Strong Series: I'm never going to be skinny.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weight lifting is something I really love to do. Just like this pic says, "I always thought I just wanted to look good until I realized what it felt like to be strong." I used to just workout, cardio and all, to get skinny. That had always been my end goal. Just like many other girls, I didn't want to left "too heavy" because I didn't want to look like a muscle head. Why did I think that for so many years? Silly me.

I found a post on Bloglovin' from Lizzie Fuhr, Associate Fitness Editor at PopSugar, "How I Stopped Obsessing About Being Skinny". Lizzie's post really resonated with me and made me think about just how many girls associate being thin with being beautiful. (WTH)
"Part familial and part societal pressure, I grew up truly believing that being thin was synonymous with being beautiful. I've been on a diet for most of my life, not because I was overweight, but because the idea of being overweight was always a lingering worry, taunting me in the background. Although I was active, healthy, and toned, I never felt skinny enough, and it haunted me. I truly believed if I was skinny I would be happy and feel more confident."
I'm never going to be skinny and thank God I've realized that. I don't want to be skinny - I want to be strong. It wasn't until Instagram, of all things, that I started seeing how real people were getting and staying fit. Until then I had only seen images of models that were fit and I thought it wasn't attainable for me. I found Sarah Bowmar and was motivated and inspired to start lifting regularly and lifting heavy. I realized my body was made for lifting and instantly fell back in love with it. 
"This desire to be strong helped me realize the myth that lifting weights would bulk me up and make me feel unfeminine was just that — a myth. As soon as I unveiled the truth behind the myth, I started lifting and moving through bodyweight moves at home, and I began to see and feel a huge difference in my shape. I stopped stressing into fitting into a certain body type, because I was attaining something stronger, better, and more beautiful than I had anticipated. I was no longer about the number on the scale or the size of my jeans, and I found so much relief in giving up the numbers. Instead of obsessing over a tiny drop on the scale, I started reveling in the new definition I saw in my deltoids. Instead of trying to squeeze into my too-tight college pants, I realized that my backside had a little lift and was filling out my current jeans beautifully."

So say it with me girls - Strong is Sexy! I love lifting, I love my body, I love being healthy and I absolutely love showing off my muscles, especially to my husband. Seriously a couple times a week I'm like "Hey look at my shoulders!" (my favorite thing to work out) or I tell him to touch my butt (my second favorite thing to work out).

Hopefully this motivates you to get strong! Let me know if you have any questions and/or need more motivation - I'm here!

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