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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When I got serious about/ addicted to lifting weights I started researching how I should be fueling my body. After a lot of research I found some things I felt comfortable taking. I wanted to make sure I wasn't putting anything harmful into my body. Because I trust AdvoCare, most of my supplements are from their Trim Line and Performance Elite Line.

Amino Energy
I use Amino Energy as a pre-workout drink. I'll mix between 2-4 scoops with water and finish it on my drive to the gym. It helps build muscles with BCAA's and Amino Acids and gets me pumped to start my workout. This is the only pre-workout I've taken and it doesn't make me jittery. (Taken before workout.)

Juice Plus+
The Orchard and Garden Blend Juice Plus+ pills provide added whole food nutrition from 20 different fruits, vegetables and grains. It supplements my daily servings for vegetables although I do try to eat all five servings with actual veggies. I don't eat fruits so I only take the Orchard blend when I'm starting to get a cold or don't feel well. (Taken at lunch.)

AdvoCare Catalyst
Catalyst helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and supports weight management. It also helps support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery.  (Taken with AdvoCare Spark in the morning.)

AdvoCare Omega Plex
Omega Plex is an omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement. It helps transport nutrients, supports normal blood flow, promotes healthy blood pressure among other things. (Taken with a meal.)

AdvoCare Probiotic Restore Ultra
Probiotics support healthy intestinal function and aid in good digestion. This particular one, includes multiple-strain Probiotic Complex. (Taken in the morning, 3o minutes before breakfast.)

AdvoCare Muscle Strength 
Muscle Strength promotes muscle growth and strength. It also helps decrease recovery times in between periods of intense workouts and encourages repair of body tissues. I can definitely tell when I haven't taken this. I don't know if it's mental or if this stuff is that good, but I see a decrease in weight when I don't take it and don't feel as strong. (Taken 60 minutes before workout.)

AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery
Nighttime Recovery enhances muscle growth, muscle repair, muscle recovery and supports the production of growth-related hormones naturally produced in the body. (Taken before bed.)

Nature Made Prenatal Multi +DHA
No, I'm not pregnant. I was told by multiple people (none of whom are doctors) that I should start taking prenatal vitamins a couple months prior to when we start trying.

This prenatal multivitamin provides me with a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients so that my body can perform alllll of the things I need to do everyday. DHA may help support fetal brain and eye development. When the time comes I'm going to have a smart baby with beautiful eyes. (Taken in the morning with breakfast.)

Pill Holder
A weekly pill holder like this one is the perfect way to keep all of your doses in order. Plus, it's REALLY annoying to open all of these bottles everyday to get what you need.

I hope this was helpful. Like anything, ask your doctor before starting something new. Have a good hump day!!

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