Weekend Recap: Whirlwind Trip to Denver

Monday, October 26, 2015

The gang's all here!!
Emery, Sarah, Derek, Byron, Jaden, me and Fynn!
Last week Byron found $70 round trip tickets to Denver with Frontier Airlines! With only two left (ahhh!) he bought them and came home so excited. Some of our family lives out there that we only get to see them a few times a year. Any chance we get to see them, we take!

I call this a "Whirlwind Trip To Denver" because we landed Saturday morning at 8:30am and took the red-eye out Sunday night. We pretty much had two full days with the Zeller family and loved every minute of it.

After we landed and had a fabulous brunch we met Byron and Sarah's cousin Katie for coffee at a park. It was the perfect place to catch up with her while the boys ran, ran, ran.
Coffee with Katie at the park!

After coffee we went hiking at Lair o' the Bear Park. Unlike the hiking we did in Denver over Labor Day, this trail was pretty flat around a creek and back.

Apparently Denver weather in October can be a toss up; sometimes it snows. This weekend was perfect - we brought the NC weather with us.

Photo op!

Sarah, Fynn and I.
Snack break! Byron and his nephews.

Byron and Emery bringing up the rear. 
Sunday morning we got up and watched the sunrise. We took advantage of the fact that our bodies were still on EST, so it didn't seem as early as it was. It was still early. 

After lots of coffee we went to Bear Creek Lake Park and practiced some archery. My nephews got a bow and arrow for Christmas last year and have been doing lots of practicing. They gave us a mini lesson then we got to shoot on balloons. I hit the balloon on my first round and now I'm basically addicted. 

Luckily I had off today and was able to catch up on sleep before another hectic week. Byron got about an hour nap then had to go to work. Womp womp.

Next weekend we're going to Maryland to see my family!

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