Weekend Recap: Soccer and Halloween in Maryland!

Monday, November 2, 2015

This past weekend I went to Maryland to visit my family!! I hadn't seen them since the middle of September - way too long!

My brothers had a soccer tournament Saturday morning. After playing two games, their third went into QUADRUPLE OVERTIME!! (They don't do penalty kicks for some reason.) Those kids played hard, kicked bootay and WON! So excited for them.

Patrick and Harley - QAC Soccer Champs!
Me and brudder! Love him!

Saturday night was Halloween, of course. Patrick was a Zorro Witch and Harley was whatever he found in the costume bin from years past. Their friend in the middle was one of those blow up men used for advertising. Very creative!

Sunday we grabbed brunch with my grandparents. (Hi Grandpa and Carol!) I found out that they read my blog and apparently so do my mom and dad (Hi Mom and Dad!) Now I might need to censor myself - just kidding, kind of. 

Luckily my parents and brothers are coming down to NC next weekend for a car show, so I get to spend two weekends in a row with them. 

Here's to another busy week!

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  1. No censoring... I want the real Shawn! Love you!