Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving and Time with Family

Monday, November 30, 2015

Darrell-Dillon-Lawton Crew on Thanksgiving!
What a fun Thanksgiving we had in Maryland with my family!! Byron and I were talking about the weekend on our drive home yesterday and said how fast it went. Never enough time with them.

Our break started at (the butt crack of) dawn Thursday morning when we left to go to Maryland. We got in around 8:30am so we missed any and all traffic. (Bam!) When we got to my parents house we immediately started eating lots and lots of good food, starting with a cheese platter from Chester River Wine & Cheese Co. (Yum!) All of the boys played football while my sister, mom and I chatted and kept the kitchen rocking.

Of course I made sure to get our "Mandatory Family Fun" picture in. We took it first thing in the morning, before my brothers got all sweaty and nasty playing football. (Not my first rodeo.) Everyone was a good sport about it - and we got in finished in three takes! (I think the guys all secretly liked it!)

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, shopping and playing lots of card games. My family loves having family game nights where we play anything from "War" to "Texas Holdem." My brothers are getting old enough now so we can start teaching them the basics of poker. Watch out!

Now on to another busy week! 

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