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Saturday, January 23, 2016 is an online clothing boutique located in China specializing in vintage fashion and contemporary style (?). The clothes are very inexpensive and they offer free shipping worldwide. I stumbled upon on Facebook and was immediately drawn to their low prices and FREE SHIPPING. The pictures online are cute so I bought two sweaters on impulse.

Stylish Turn-Down Collar Print Long Sleeve Coat For Women $14.54

I bought a Large - fits like a Large.

Women's Stripe Cardigan Long Sleeve Cotton Coat $12.14

I bought a Large - fits like a Small.
I ordered the two sweaters on October 6th with a note saying they "will arrange speedy shipping as soon as we receive your payment." The next day I got an email saying shipping takes 10-25 BUSINESS DAYS. One of the sweaters shipped the October 7th and arrived late-November. The second sweater shipped October 24th and arrived in December. I honestly forgot I had even bought them. 

Pros -
- Inexpensive
- Free shipping worldwide
- Wide variety of clothes

Cons -
- Shipping can take months
- Cheap material
- Sizes not accurate

In my opinion the clothes from are not worth it - they're similar quality to Old Navy which has been questionable to me the last few times I've gone in there. (Shrink and weird fitting.) If you are going to order from them, just prepare yourself for a long wait. Don't buy anything from there that you need ASAP cause you'll be disappointed.

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