Things I Love: The Beauty Department

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Beauty Department (TBD) is one of my favorite makeup tutorial blogs. The blog is run by Amy Nadine and Kristin- two amazingly talented artists who breakdown hair, nails and makeup for the rest of us who aren't as in touch with our creative-feminine side. They show step-by-step tutorials on how to do everything from braids to lip liner plus the latest trends in the beauty world.

Their Tutorials, Obsessions and Inspirations sections have a smorgasbord of their posts from their Hair and Makeup sections. If you're looking for something in particular - those are the sections to start with.

TBD covers any and all aspects of hair including: hair color, wedding hair, braid tutorials, hair styling, hair accessories and even popular hairstyles for men! Here's an example of one of their braid tutorials.

I love their makeup section - it's the one I use the most. TBD covers it all including: makeup hacks, DIY, lashes, brows, lips, tips, tricks of the trade, seasonal inspiration, Splurge vs Steal and much more. Here's an example of one of their makeup tutorials.

This or That
My favorite section! TBD does case study's to show the difference between two looks, products, styles, etc. Here's their Matte vs Shimmer Eye Shadow Case Study -

Check out TBD on Pinterest for even more ideas and inspiration!

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