Things I Love: Lacrosse

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lacrosse has been such a HUGE part of my life for at least the last 18 years of my life. (That makes me feel old.) I started in elementary school and have had some kind of connection ever since. I was blessed with an amazing high school coach who was well known in the lax world. She helped me get on a club team, which in turn helped get me recruited to play in college. Enter these fine ladies below!

Lax in college COMPLETELY changed me - and so did these girls, plus about 20 others! My teammates from college are still my best friends now. Love you long time!

One summer in college I got to play lax in Australia! That's right I said, AUSTRALIA. I had an amazing summer down under traveling, playing lax and living the dream.

Now I'm coaching at a high school here in NC and love passing on what I know to these girls. Our first game is this Monday (wish us luck) and I think I'm just as nervous, excited, ready to go as my girls are. I wish I could play with them!

One of the reasons I love lax so much is that it pushed me to get up and show up. I wasn't just going home after school piddling around - heck no I was working my booty off at practice. Then again in college with 5:45am practices (ugh)! But all of that made me the (morning) person I am today.

My hope as a coach is that I can pass on the same love for the game, determination and drive.

Here's to girls everywhere kicking ass and taking names on the lax field!

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