I'm Shawn - A Marylander at heart with a North Carolina zip code. I created In Good Company, because I feel like I'm in the prime of my life. I wanted to capture all of my experiences with my family and friends who make me very, very happy. It's because of these people - the good company I keep - that my life is so incredible.

Before marrying this stud muffin, I was a special education teacher in Baltimore City. In 2013 we got married and I officially became a southern girl and therefore am now allowed to say "y'all." I now work as an exceptional children facilitator and cannot RAVE enough about my job. I'm so blessed to work with the students, staff and families at my school. 

Before we settle down and start our family, Byron and I are traveling as much and as far as possible. We've been told once you have kids you don't go anywhere - we'll see about that. I picture us en route with a baby bjorn and stroller. We'll make it work. 
We bought our first house together in March 2014 and have been slowly but surely decorating and furnishing it. Here’s a pic of the tree in front of our house I named Treeyoncé. I give nicknames to pretty much everything – my family and husband have learned to speak my language. 

Last but not least allow me to introduce our fur baby Cami, the cutest little Boston terrier you ever did see. I rescued her with my sister in Maryland before I got married. This dog has enough personality for three and loves to get so close she breathes our air, but we love her. Here's a pic of her Elvis lip.

Join me as I (learn to) cook, decorate our home, DIY, travel and workout my way through another amazing year. 

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